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as large as the number of stars in universes known to us in 2020 was the number of bytes in the digital universe.

Source: World Economic Forum


Byte ​​or 175 ZB (Zettabyte) of data will presumably exist worldwide in 2025.

Source: Seagate UK


of all data generated today is unstructured.
Source: CIO


of all data in 2012 have been analyzed.

Source: The Guardian


of major international corporations are investing in big data and artificial intelligence.
Source: New Vantage


of all entrepreneurs see the need to process unstructured data as a problem for their business
Source: Forbes
3-t-s Data Solutions - Ihr Datenexperte

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With comprehensive services to more focus in day-to-day business

Create the freedom to concentrate on your important entrepreneurial activities. With my extensive range of services, I offer you the solutions you need to fully focus on your actual business on the basis of well-founded data.


Data Analysis


Data Visualization

Datenpflege (Updates)

Maintenance (regular updates)

Bereinigung von Daten

Data Cleansing

Datenmigration in neue Systeme

Data Migration to new systems

Unser 5-Phasen-Prozess

My 5-stage process

In order to develop the optimal result for you as a customer, I work with a 5-stage process. By applying agile project management, I can present the first results after a very short time.


Projektphase Zielsetzung
Definition of the objectives of the project in close coordination with you.


Projektphase Evaluation
Evaluation of existing systems and data (digital + analogue).


Projektphase Datenbereinigung
Analysis and cleansing of the relevant data.


Projektphase Entwicklung

Development of coordinated reports/KPIs/dashboards on a needs-based platform (e.g. Tableau or Microsoft Excel).


Projektphase Übergabe
Handover of the project to you, including documentation and training for use.

Example of a Data Visualization

This is an example of a data visualization based on Tableau. In this case, it is a KPI dashboard for an internationally operating trading company. Try out the interactive features, such as filters (e.g., year  [Jahr], category [Kategorie], etc.) or buttons for different views (e.g., regions [Regionen] or customers [Kunden])!

With the market leader to your results

Tableau is the world’s leading platform for modern business intelligence solutions. This allows data from almost any system to be captured, analyzed and visually displayed. Different modules and features as well as continuous development ensure optimal and, above all, intuitive results, whereby of course the highest level of security for your data is guaranteed at all times.

Meet the founder

Picture of Sebastian Homann

Sebastian Homann


“In a hectic and uncertain changing world, sound data provides us as entrepreneurs with a source of trust and truth.”

Customer experiences

3-t-s Data Solutions has already supported us in various projects: From data cleansing and preparation for migration to a new ERP system to data-supported business development. The cooperation was always highly professional and based on partnership and the results were optimally tailored to our needs.

Mario Putensen / Sentect

Sebastian helped us very quickly and easily to build a tool for our utility bills. He took a lot of time to understand our requirements and explain the tool to us afterwards, so that we could use it immediately. Thank you very much!

Heinrich Sasse / Sasse Immobilien

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